First Draft


The Mysterious Kingdom of the Arroyo

(Saving the World from Chaos)

Astor never thought that his deep interest in the enigmatic cottontails of the Pasadena Arroyo would lead him to an interplanetary expedition to save the world from chaos.

Never did he consider himself a hero, though at times he dreamed of being one.

Yet, in the tradition of the ancient Greek heroes, of whom he is a worthy descendant, Astor must enlist the support of a powerful being to help him fulfill his mission by provide him with a "weapon", But what a "weapon"! This is the most mysterious and fascinating "weapon" you may imagine.

Here is a story like no other.

At its heart is a mystery waiting for you to discover.

It takes you on a tour of the Arroyo, a fascinating and peaceful place,

where you meet Lord Iridio, Lady Irena and their royal court and subjects.

It catapults you into a constellation of our Milky Way.

And in a rewarding total delight, it allows you to enjoy the music of the Soul of the Arroyo, a superb guitar piece written for the readers by a master musician.

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