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This engaging, well-written story features a memorable main character who, much wiser than his 10 years, shows empathy for all his fellow creatures. Additionally, the book tackles the issue of depression with grace and helps readers better understand the difficulties that people with depression face and the importance of treating them with compassion. A thoughtful story about a boy who must save the world, with important lessons about empathy and understanding.
                                                                                                                                             Kirkus Reviews

The story of Astor's journey-not just to the other world (indeed, to more than one other world) but deeper into his own self-is unique and compelling. There is a sense of fun that provides a happy counterpoint to some of the more serious issues like loneliness and depression. There is also a lovely echoing of the events in the two worlds.........

Most children to some extent believe themselves to be odd or unique, wonder how they fit into the world around them. Therefore Astor's journey of self-discovery is every child's journey. His stronger sense of self, his increased confidence, and his growing comfort with his own unique nature make for a satisfying ending since the book is essentially one of growing up.
                                                                                                                                             Francesca, Amazon Editor

I find your book to be absoluetely enchanting and amazingliy imaginative. I love it.
                                                                                     Hermine Fuerst, Author of Tripping From Cleveland To Paris and Beyond

"I was enchanted, inspired and uplifted by the Mysterious Kingdom of the Arroyo! What a pleasure to accompany Astor to the Laboratory of the "Perpetual Quest for Knowledge" and meet the members of the Council of "Overflowing Kindness" and the "Mistress of the Singing Water" on his journey to healing himself, his mother and the world. Living through the main character taught me about the power of music. The closing was so hopeful - to know that there will be a cure makes for another happy ending."
- Ms. Pauline Dutton, Acting District Director, Altadena Library District